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The Petroleum industry is well diversified at the global level and SVR is highly committed to delivering value added services through exclusive products, with a great demand from the Oil & Gas sector.

Manufacturing or deriving the finished or semi-finished components of the petrochemical industry is a comprehensive cycle. Our expertise is at major areas of exposure from identifying the raw material to processing and deriving to the finished product. Every phase of it needs a unique set of talents and capabilities, our commitment to deliver best-in-class solutions comes from the confidence of engaging skilled and motivated professions to drive our processes.

When we work with our clients to supply wide range of Petroleum products, we follow objective forecasting to maintain necessary inventory of products on demand. Ingot or billet, forged, rolled round and flat bar, rolled or flat bars are among the products which are stocked well to cater to the global demands, any time. Our understanding on the Oil and Gas sector business keeps us motivated to manufacture and supply quality steel products. Wide range of steel products such as pipes, bars and tubes are on regular demand which need to be custom designed and manufactured. The customization process varies from location to location based on the project and external conditions of the locations.

SVR Global has a unique proportion of dealing with products for the petroleum industry. Our differentiators help us to stay ahead and effectively serve our clients.

Reliability – Our services and product availability are the core indicators of our reliability. Both through manufacturing facility and desired distribution network, we ensure that customers are well informed about the product availability and deliver what we promise by minimizing any ambiguity or uncertainty.
Research focus –All our processes are derived by thorough research backing which has its scope about product diversification, changing industrial priorities and technology advancements. Our procurement and refining methodology has been maturing to become advanced to scale up with the global standards. Research at SVR is purely objective with a clear commitment to achieve high standards of customer satisfaction.
Manufacturing and Inventory – We understand the intricacies of the petroleum industry and the companies operating in some of the challenging sectors like Oil & Gas sector continue to encounter availability issues. Considering such challenges, we at SVR have developed a distinctive approach towards manufacturing and inventory management to ensure adequate availability of all the products on demand.

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