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SVR Global is your reliable manufacturer and supplier of 'Bearing Housings' that are highly effective in the Mining Industry.

Our proven expertise in facilitating globally acclaimed solutions to the mining companies has been backed by thorough know-how and understanding about the comprehensive mining process. Our products are exclusively designed, based on the industrial demands and priorities, effectively assisting in the major activities of mining. The identity of our products has been created on Reliability and Durability that stand apart to be our core differentiators while Quality standards are maintained at par excellence with the global indicators. By manufacturing Bearing Housings and Accessories, we create holistic mining solutions backed by high levels of technical expertise and time-tested engineering technology.

Along with the technicality of the core mining process, we also design products considering the extreme environment situations under which the mining process is implemented. Often the mining extracts are done in remote locations which are also staggered by sluggish accumulation of debris, dust and many contaminating substances with various chemical properties. To that effect, our manufacturing procedures are essentially fine-tuned to make products with great sustainability so as to endure every climatic condition, irrespective of the remoteness and limitations anticipated by mining companies.

Some of the common mining segments for which we provide Bearing solutions include:

Cement and aggregates
Primary metals
Precious metals, minerals and coal

Mining industry plays a vital role to extract valuable substances buried under earth and SVR Global is committed to always deliver highly desirable solutions by manufacturing distinguished mining products from time to time.

While facilitating our solutions to the mining industry, we consciously work on the aspects of safety and optimizing the production time so as to enhance productivity. There are multiple ways of looking at production process to enhance production. Working on compact designs in order to minimize footprints and implementing sealing technologies are among the best practices we adapt to while creating products for mining processes. In order to ensure safety, we apply safety colors which are known to identify with the rotation of the equipment. Our objective is to holistically participate in the mining industry which is not only limited to manufacturing and supplying products, but also extended to our concern for environment as we take every measure to minimize ecological damage from time to time.

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