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SVR Global has its proven expertise in resolving complex logistics procedures into simplistic processes of supply chain management.

In all engineering processes automation is a key aspect that enhances the process effectiveness.


SVR Global is your reliable manufacturer and supplier of 'Bearing Housings' that are highly effective in the Mining Industry.

Our proven expertise in facilitating globally acclaimed solutions to the mining companies has been backed by thorough know-how and understanding about the comprehensive mining process.


SVR address the demand for quality Chemical supplies, especially the metal products which are very essential in various industrial processes.

Our global presence in locations with access to metals which are also available as raw materials has been our strength.


The Petroleum industry is well diversified at the global level and SVR is highly committed to delivering value added services through exclusive products,with a great demand from the Oil

& Gas sector. Manufacturing or deriving the finished or semi-finished components of the petrochemical industry is a comprehensive cycle.


SVR Global's energy solutions are highly focused to deliver solutions through 'Bearing Housings' that are specially designed for the energy sector.

Energy sector is one of the most demanding in nature for multiple reasons which include the growing production demands and challenging circumstances under which the power generation happens.

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