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We are committed to our clients we envision a world to be like a canvas for our clients where they can showcase their true caliber by increasing their potentiality which is made possible by our expertise in providing manufacturing solutions and innovative supply chain processes.


SVR Global has modeled its operational framework based on customer satisfaction. We strive to make a difference for our manufacturers by addressing various issues of manufacturing logistic solutions. Our experienced team of engineers and in house QC engineers also provide technical support and ensure the best results through our Quality Management System. Having an engineering-based team means that we can understand the technical needs of our clients better. This flexibility also enables us to provide single-piece orders or complete package requirements of various products to our clients, whether in single or multiple orders and projects. This reduces the need for most buyers to cope with multiple dealers for products of different size, variety, several different sources, or products from various parts of the world. We also reduce the need for most buyers to deal with different sales people and departments within the same trading company.


We specialize in manufacturing of finished and semi-finished products that are of highest quality and globally accepted standards. We have a right combination of state of the art production facility and highly skilled man power. We have a quality test team that personally re-checks each of our products before it leaves our factory as we don't want to waste any of the valuable time of our customers and avoid recalling defective items. According to our work philosophy, time is the most valuable thing as money spent can come back, but time doesn't. Hence we strive to make things right and perfect from the start by making no compromises on quality and safety standards of our products. We have channelized most of our resources is creating a reliable brand image for our customers by delivering consistent service quality.

Our 3 Main Ethics

Focus on Impact

At SVR Global we have groomed our employees to assess & self introspect their work to recognise their mistakes before imparting its adverse impacts on our buyers or manufacturers.


Move Fast

We have a saying, "Move Fast and Break Things" Moving fast is the need of the hour in today's world, this also results in overlooking the errors and various imperfections incurred..


Be Bold

We believe in allowing our employees to stay motivated rather than giving them motivational speeches that don't usually work in today's high work pressure work conditions.



SVR supplies products in accordance with the stringent quality requirements of the industry. Our aim is to provide service through our expertise and to offer time proven products that are price competitive whilst retaining quality and reliability. Apart from the raw materials we trade in; we have an extensive back up of vendors for making components like rings, nuts, bolts, socket weld fittings, flanges, plugs etc in very short delivery times. We have a right combination of an extensive inventory & dedicated knowledgeable personnel. SVR offers services, quality & delivery that will please & astonish you.

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